click here to see our selection of inflatable boats!!!

SinoFish introduced a new line of Inflatable Boats at the July 2000 ICAST American Sportsfishing Association show in Chicago. The quality and pricing of these new inflatable boats will cause excitement among buyers.

Tian-Li Fishing Nets!!
FISHING NETS  (under construction)
SinoFish provides common nets used in North America and also offers nets used in Europe, including Keep Nets and Specimen nets and nets for farming fish and shellfish and other exotic nets used abroad.  Custom branded nets are available.
LURES (under construction)
SinoFish provides a huge assortment of lures, from the tinyest fresh water to blue marlin lures, and we offer custom designed and branded lures.

Check out our floats!!!

 Sinofish is the exclusive sales agent of Chunlei, who produces floats made of Chinese parasol Balsa, PV foam, reed and heat-resisting plastic, with 800 series and about 4,000 models.

Click here to see our indicators!!

Sinofish provides special fishing products including a series of fishing bite indicators with “SeaStar’ brand.   Watch for our new mini-bite indicator at ICAST 2001, booth 1022.

SinoFish makes a huge assortment of fishing and other outdoors bags including bags by Rising Sun.   We can design and customize bags to your specifications.